Which Anno 2070 faction are you?

There are many people in the world who have played Anno 2070 and are familiar with the three factions. Global Trust, Eden Initiative and S.A.A.T. All are unique factions in the game.

But have you ever raised the question: which faction do you really identify with? Well in this quiz I will ask 12 questions in order to give you a accurate description so that you know which faction you play Heath with.

Created by: Anthony
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  1. Do you believe in Global Warming?
  2. Would you invest in Green technology, traditional technology or better, safer technology.
  3. Would you focus on Industry, Agriculture or Scientific progress?
  4. Temperature rises and you must decide to counter the disaster.
  5. What is your IQ level?
  6. Quantity or Quality?
  7. When you see smog it reminds you of...
  8. The government is to do what to the market?
  9. Where do you grow your food?
  10. Goodbye

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Quiz topic: Which Anno 2070 faction am I?