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We all have favorite factions in Starwars with even debates sparking up to justify and explain which faction leads the galaxy the best. While others just like their factions because of aesthetics

This is a quiz to see what faction you'll end up as. I didn't spend too much time on this quiz because I'm tired but I'll add more questions later. Let me know on iFunny if some results keep popping up the same 24/7 like (for example) you switching options and answers but keep getting the same faction.

Created by: ConcordDawn
  1. An army of clones is immoral and no better then having an army of slaves.
  2. Super Weapons are justified to win a war and to promote peace.
  3. Sacrifices must be made to personal freedom for peace.
  4. Quantity has a quality of its own.
  5. Outerrim worlds and innerworld planets shouldn't have the same influence in the galactic senate due to population differences.
  6. Rebels creating disorder and targeting military installations is considered terrorism.
  7. Corporations such as the Trade Federation have the right to use privatized army's to protect their commerce company.
  8. The rebels are responsible for the deaths on alderaan
  9. The Republic Illegally invaded Geonosias and started the conflict known as the clone wars.
  10. All sentient beings should have equal rights.
  11. There is no such thing as a superior species
  12. Jedi moral sometimes gets in the way of politics and is an outdated way to rule. Especially in war time
  13. Should force teachings from either the light side or dark be used in government?
  14. syndicates such as the night sisters should be terminated with extreme prejudice

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