which angel beats girl will be you girl friend

you mite get one of these girls you like you mite not well its not my problem and it not yous cuse you can take the quiz over again its easy trust me you will most likly get Kanade Tachibana shes cute i have to edmite

do you like Kanade Tachibana or do you not chose wisley and dont make them hate you well you can't so it woudnt mater really so just pick but like i said wisley

Created by: gage
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Did you cry at the end of the last episode
  2. did you like the show
  3. do you enjoy anime
  4. do you hate this quiz
  5. do u likeblack butler
  6. do you watch other animes
  7. do you like to be quized on this stuff?
  8. what is you favriote show
  9. do you hate youself
  10. do u like soul eater

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