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  • I am in the process of reading Book 2 where I am hearing more and more about the different Ajahs in the series. I had a suspicion that I would belong to the Brown Ajah and after two quizzes (yours being the second), my suspicions have been confirmed. Looks like I'm pretty fascinated with how the world works around me! :-) Then again, that surprises me naught.

  • I guess I am primarily yellow, and then Grey and blue and then brown before even green and i would have thought that to be the other way round because I am always ready for a fight...I think as I got older I turned from being a man of serious action to one that wants to mediate and solve things through more diplomacy....first

  • I got Green, and I agree with it completely, I just find it funny that for green it was 79%, and black was 77%. I never really thought that black and green were intertwined that closely, but idk.

  • Back ajah,I do like getting revenge on those who hurt and betrayed me in the past. I never trust anyone really well once they messed with me. I also like going by my own rules too. Cool quiz mate

  • I got Green Ajah! =) This was my second quiz, and it was right on the money. I am also on the second book, but I listen to it as an audiobook in car rides and it's wonderful.

    Moon pool
  • I got the Black Ajah, followed closing by White, then Red.

  • I got black ajah . Nice quiz

    jemah jempot
  • Lmao blue... but I’m not manipulative


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