Which Afton Are You?

Hey welcome to my quiz!! The names Portal!! Nice to meet you!! I hope your ready for my quiz! Ennard is going to be popping in every so often so... Yeah. :)

Which Afton do you think you are??? William, Mike, Elizabeth, or Chris? I'd like to know as much as you do!! So common and lets begin! :D (I didn't have enough characters without this part here ;-;)

Created by: Portalcrasher26
  1. Your trapped in a room with an animatronic. Its asleep and the doors locked. There are no windows or other exits. What do you do?
  2. Which Animatronic Is your favorite out of these?
  3. What's your favorite color? *Hides behind Ennard* don't kill me!!
  4. Ennard: Portal can I ask a question? Me: Sure go ahead Ennard! Ennard: Do you like Exotic Butters? Me: Really?! Ennard: What did I do?! Me: Nvm.
  5. What is your favorite Fnaf game?
  6. Who is better? Ennard or Mange?
  7. Did you enjoy this quiz? This won't affect your score)
  8. I'm sorry. I forgot I had to do 10 questions! ;-; Ennard: Oh god. -_-Me: Shut it Ennard! Ennard: No! Me: No exotic butters for a week! Ennard: No I'm sorry I'll be quiet! Me: That's what I thought UwU.
  9. Um... Ok I have to think of questions first... Oh I got one!12 AM is about to hit. You can only grab one item to fend off the animatronics. What do you choose?
  10. Bye! Hope you enjoyed the quiz. Ennard: Bye peeps!

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Quiz topic: Which Afton am I?