Where Will You Meet The Guy Of Your Dreams?

Ever wonder where you will find the guy of your dreams? Well this quiz might just help you where you will meet him! Where will you meet him you ask...?

Will you see him at a concert, maybe at the library, or the mall with your friends? What about a school game? Take the quiz and find out! Good luck!!!

Created by: aszand58
  1. At the last school dance, the guy that caught your eye was:
  2. Your absolute dream date would involve:
  3. The very first thing you notice about a guy is:
  4. After school you are most likely to be found where?
  5. Okay, admit it...your celeb crush is:
  6. Your fave show is:
  7. Your typical Friday night outfit includes:
  8. Your ultimate Spring Break destination would be:
  9. Fave past time is what?
  10. What would be the best birthday present?

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Quiz topic: Where will I Meet The Guy Of my Dreams?