How far will you go to get the guy of your dreams?

How far will you go is a quiz that tells you how far you will go to be with the guy of your dreams maybe you will try to break him and his girl up or your to shy to ask him out but this quiz was made to show how far people go.......

To get the man of their dreams my hurting people or just being a good frined showing someone how much you like them and when your dun there's some good advice at the end so take this quiz and see how far you will go!

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
When you see oyur guy what is he doing?
Talking to his girlfriend da.
Looking at you.
Talking to his friends.
Talking to his crush.
I dont know im always day dreaming of our wedding or something.
You have him as your partner in bio he...
Helps me with the assignment.
Is to busy making fun of people with his friends.
He's not good in bio so i do the assignment be myself besides im to shy to talk to him.
A moment of silence intill the teacher comes by and makes us do our work.
Does not want me for his partner and has an atitude.
He's having a party friday night does he invite you?
Of course there's no party without me da!
Yea i gotta find what im going to wear.
No, i think he was to shy so i go anyway.
No, i hate partys.
You find out he's got a girlfriend what do you do?
Make up a plan to break them up he's going to be mine!
flirt more and hope he starts liking me more.
nothing she's my best friend!
Wish i was her.
Give her dirty looks and spread rumors.
How much do you care about him?
To much to break him and his girl friend up.
More than anything in the world!
Not much i barely know him.
Well i hope nothing bad happens to him.
Your at the school dance he ask's you for the lasts dance you?
Say yes da.
say sure i'd love to.
Are you joking.
No, i to shy to say yes.
Say no, because i cant dance.
Yea right like he's gonna ask me that!
So you see his crush ask him out do you?
Tell him you need to talk to him and finally ask him out.
Make a big seen.
pull the alarm that will destract her.
Do nothing and hate myself later.
I'm to shy to do anything besides she's cooliest girl in school she will start rumor's about me and no one will take to me.
so he ask you to go out with him you say
yes, why not!
no, i got things i got to do
Yes or No you would so go on a vacation with him and his parents.
Yes, i love Vacations!
No, i dont like vacations beside's he's got a weird family.
Does your crush like your favorite food?
Yes who does'nt
a little
does salt count
t dont know

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