Test Your Dream Knowledge

We all spend part of our nights dreaming, and many of us are fascinated by the strange worlds we visit in our dreams. Strange images form stories that only make sense while you're asleep... Suddenly you find you can fly... You visit places from your past...

But how much do YOU know about what causes dreams and what dreams are for? Are you a Dream Newbie, or a Dream Genius? Test your knowledge and find out with our quiz!

Created by: Christine of Explore Your Dreams
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  1. What's the stage of sleep where we have most of our dreams?
  2. Which of these things ISN'T happening while you dream?
  3. Which of these chemicals makes you dream?
  4. What do dreams help us with?
  5. Which of these medications can affect how much you dream?
  6. How many times a night do we dream?
  7. Can amnesiacs remember things in dreams?
  8. Do animals dream?
  9. Is dreaming vital to our health?
  10. Which of these famous doctors hasn't written about the meaning of dreams?

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Quiz topic: Test my Dream Knowledge