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  • Where Will You Meet The Guy Of Your Dreams?
    Your Result: The Mall

    You might find more than a pair of shoes or a purse the next time you are shopping because you just might be getting a hottie! He'll be trendy and stylish with a bunch of friends around him. He is going to love your outgoing attitude and stylish nature!

  • Your Result: A Rock Concert

    That cute guy rocking out near you at the next show could be your next guy! He will be a creative and artistic guy and totally loves music and movies...like you! You are both daring and do not care what ppl think about, so get ready!

    A Sporting Event
    The Library
    The Mall
    Cool! Good quiz! :)

    Puppy xo1
  • hey that sounds do right! The library! it really does sound true! thanks, i'll keep my eyes open!


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