Dream Story, Which Will Be Yours?

This is a fantasy that every girl wishes they could be in. In the 1st of many fantasies I will be making, you will be kidnapped, and meet three cute guys! You will meet them, see what they look like, and be put through a situation that makes them seem even cuter then they are!

Who will you get? Will it be Martin? Maybe Sandy? Drake? And Kweller's an amazing guy too! These four guys would do anything for you, but you have to take your pic, which one will it be?...

Created by: musicgirl!

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  1. Okay, so you're walking through the mall with your friends, and you need to actually go into a store, which one do you chose?
  2. Your friends decide they need some food, and they tell you they're going to the food court. You tell them you're gonna stay and look for a bit longer, what are you looking at?
  3. You're about to walk out, when suddenly, a bar swings in front of you and hits you in the head! What are you thinking as you fall to the ground?
  4. You wake up to the thumping of a car. You're in a car with 3 cute guys around you. What is your reaction?
  5. Which one of these descriptions sounds most attractive to you?
  6. "Are you okay?!" Asks Kweller once you wake up. "I...We, were so worried. Sorry for hitting you so hard." What is your reply?
  7. "Where am I?" You ask. "You are in a van." Says Martin. "We are taking you back to our home. Please do not panic. We need your help."
  8. "With what?" You say. "You will find that out later. Right now, we need to get you inside." Says Kweller. How do you reply?
  9. As you exit the car, the other guy, (Drake) comes out with you, and makes sure you don't run away. Then, another guy comes out and helps Drake. His name is Sandy.
  10. They introduce themselves, and tell you what you want to hear...Why did they take you? come back for part two!

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