Of Mice And Men Quiz

Of Mice And Men is a story about the desire of the American Dream and the bonding of Male Friendship. It Starts off with 2 men (Lennie and George) working on a ranch for money so they can save up for their own farm, which is of course the American Dream. But significant events along the way stall the achievement, especially the climax of the story. Lennie and George find new friends and make enemies. I made this quiz to help memorise the main points of the book.

Of Mice And Men, a book based back in the time of the great depression about 2 best friends, setting out to achieve their long term goal of the American Dream. It doesn't take long before chaos has been made at the ranch. In no time at all, the two men find out what it would be like without one another, and struggles. A quiz made so you can help memorize significant events in the book and to help you understand more about the book.

Created by: Tegz
  1. Lennie wants to live the American Dream so...
  2. The men are disgusted that Curley...
  3. Who's dog did the men shoot?
  4. What times frame was this book set in?
  5. Crooks lives in the barn because.
  6. While George is at the whorehouse, Lennie is...
  7. Lennie accidentally killed Curley's wife by...
  8. Where did George tell Lennie to hide if he ever got in trouble?
  9. Who was the only man that understood Lennie and George's friendship?
  10. What was the climax of the story?

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