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  • Middle of nowhere,that sounds true sense I am always active and adventurous. I feel like I'd probably die from a thrilling adventure and do something dangerous lol. Cool quiz mate.

  • Awesome quiz because it is actually very accurate well, at least for me because that is basically where I live in the middle if nowhere.

    • i live in the middle of nowhere, literally! Your Result: Your Own Home


      You often spend a lot of time at your home. This may be because you work at home or have children to look after. You most likely have an online job and will be successful until you pass on.

      56% In The Middle Of Nowhere
      22% In A Hospital
      6% At A Party
      0% In A School

      it's a relief that i wont die at school. there are a lot of people there who hate me or want to kill me... not my fault!

  • Yay! :D
    Don't let the creepy stuff get you.

  • x'D


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