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  • Where Should Your Sweet 16 Take Place?
    Your Result: Fine Dining Hall

    Ur Sweet 16 should be at a dining hall. Ur family and friends would come, there would be lots of food and a dance floor! U would be getting ur groove on and having fun the whole entire night its the perfect place!

    Cool! I'm gonna have a fancy party in a dining hall in four years! I know that's not gonna happen, but this quiz was very cool indeed!

    Bad spelling though. :(

    I like music
  • Your Result: A Mariot

    Ur Sweet 16 should totally take place at a mariot hotel! U would have a nice band and food and beautiful decorations! Everyone would be on their feet dancing! It is the perfect place for a person like u!

    psst!! whats a mariot? i'll look it up. there is no definition. different spelling? nope, thats a book. sorry, i have no clue what you are talking about

  • a sweet sixteen is suppose to be the most important birthday ever!i don't really give a f--- anyway.


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