where in middle earth?

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welcome to my world... the world of middle earth. a place of adventure. friendship and kingdomes...the problem is finding the perfect place to stay or not stay..

so where wuld you stay? whith the elves? hobbits? men? each of these place are differant and each has it's challanges. so were do you fit in? take my quize and find out

Created by: thalionwen of scattered
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  1. You are alone... what do you do.
  2. it's raining... what do you do?
  3. what is your favorite color?
  4. what is your fav. weapon?
  5. there is a band of orcs around.... what do you do?
  6. elenath silif menel o eledhrima a edain palan...
  7. hair color?
  8. eye color?
  9. protection?
  10. prophesy?
  11. drink?
  12. are you beautifull?
  13. Nai Namarie mellyn nin
  14. can you rate my quize? did you like it?

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