Where are you on the Asexual Spectrum

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This quiz is for fun, to help you learn a little about yourself and the asexual spectrum. Hopefully you can take your results and find the label(s) that fit you. Remember, this is only for the asexual spectrum, using a split attraction model of sexual vs romantic vs aesthetic attraction. This quiz focuses on sexual attraction.

There are labels that are not on this quiz. Aceflux/Abrosexual, because it fluctuates and may contain all of these labels, Requissexual Which is due to emotional exhaustion, Quoisexual which questions if they feel sexual attraction and Myrsexual which is unsure where they fall in the spectrum.

Created by: Madi
  1. Do you experience sexual attraction when first meeting someone?
  2. Do you experience sexual attraction once you get to know someone?
  3. Once you form a bond with someone, do you feel sexual attraction?
  4. Are you repulsed by sex?
  5. Do you like erotic stories or videos?
  6. Someone is sexually attracted to you, how do you feel?
  7. Do intimate situation make you uncomfortable?
  8. Would you prefer to read an erotic fantasy or have a sexual experience with another person?
  9. Do you want a sexual relationship?
  10. Would you consider a romantic relationship with an allosexual? (A non-asexual person)
  11. Do you like to witness sexual acts in the third person, but do not wish to participate in them yourself?
  12. If you develop a bonded relationship, is a sexual relationship likely for you?
  13. Which of the following apply?
  14. I feel sexual attraction:

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Quiz topic: Where am I on the Asexual Spectrum

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