Where am I: The woods

What will happen to you? You won't know until you take this quiz. Imagine your parents are out of town and you go into the woods. What do you do once you figure out your lost?

Will you survive? Will you be alone? What will come of you? Take this quiz to find out what will happen to you, C'mon don't you want to know? I know I would.

Created by: tara the amazing

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  1. Your on a walk in the woods when your parents are out of town. You live in the middle of nowhere and you want to see if you can get lost and then find your way back to the house. What do you take with you?
  2. As you wander through the woods to get yourself lost you pull out your compass and turn in a couple of circles. You realize that it must be broken because when you were turning the dial didn't move at all. You pull out your water and take a sip. After that you pull out your cell phone, (I'm giving away answers to what I would have picked for #1) just now realizing that it has a navigational system on it. But, Of course, it has no batteries. So with a dead phone you wander away from where you were to a small stream. What do you do.
  3. after a while some one comes through the thick trees. You look closer and realize that it's a handsome boy so you don't say anything, it could sound stupid. He asks why you are out here and you tell him why. He tells you to come to him so you try but end up falling and knocking yourself out. *** You wake up only to find yourself in a strange cabin. You sit up and hear footsteps, your first thought is to hide but then you think about the fact that you wouldn't be there unless they wanted you there. What do you say?
  4. the man from the woods comes in the room followed by a girl he tells you his name (Gavin) and introduces the girl as Katherine. He tells you to look around and that you could stay as long as you like. What do you do once they leave the room?
  5. You eventually get up and wander around. You bump into Katherine and she says "so you decided to wake up after all. I thought you were going to sit in bed all week. Help yourself to what you want" What do you say?
  6. After that you conveniently bump into Gavin he says "your probably hungry" so he walks over to the fridge and gets you your favorite food ____! you mumble a thanks and start eating. he asks you your name realizing that you never told him so you tell him when just at that moment Katherine walks in "so that's your name i was beginning to think that you didn't have one. you are getting more comfortable with them, good. What do you do? say/do?
  7. it's night time and you realize that the bed you were in was Gavin's. What do you say?
  8. They say that the have a guest room for you thats ready. You say thanks and they ask if you want to watch tv with them. you say sure. Gavin asks you what you want to watch. What do you say?
  9. Katherine asks if you want popcorn you say...
  10. That was the last question before the results. This question doesn't count. You will learn how your actions treated you in the end. Were the odds in your favor or not?

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