When Will It Work? Part 6

Welcome to part 6. Recap: Jesse and Kiera just told you why you really were kidnapped then leave you with Nathan who’s knocked out. Then you hear someone say “Really ____? Really? Please shut up.”

Thanks to all of you reading this. I’m having a lot of fun writing these. Hope you like reading them. Oh and I changed a result. If you want that result back, just tell me.

Created by: Kat
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  1. The voice says “Thank you. Now do you know where we are or how we got here?” You look around and realize that it’s Nathan talking. You say in surprise “NATHAN!?” He said “Geez _____ you are aware that I was just in a fight?”
  2. You say “Oh sorry Nathan. Um yes I do know why we’re here and I know how I got here.” He said “Care to explain?” You say “Um well remember in 7th grade how Kiera was driving you crazy?” You pause for a minuet and Nathan shakes his head yes. You continue “Well this is her revenge.” Nathan says “_______ I am really sorry. If I hadn’t made such a big deal about that then we wouldn’t be here....” You interrupt him “Nathan. It’s fine really. We’ll get out eventually.”
  3. He said “You’re right _____, we’ll get out somehow.” Suddenly it became awkwardly silent.
  4. *Austin, Joey, Danni P.O.V.* She was running as fast as she could to catch up with the guys. The next thing she knows she crashes into someone or something. They grab her.
  5. She starts to scream, but they say “Danni, shhhhhh! It’s just me, Austin.” She said “Oh Austin. Don’t scare me like that.” Austin said “Sorry, but why are you here?” She said “Hey my best friend’s missing. What do you except?” Austin sighed “Good point, I just don’t want you getting hurt.” She said “Yeah yeah yeah. Girls can’t do this or this or this.” He said “I don’t mean that...” She cut him off then mocking him she said “Of course not, my mistake.”
  6. At that time Joey came up, he said “Austin I think I found where she is.” Danni tried to take off to get to you, but Joey grabbed her and said “I don’t think so.” She said “Why not? If you know where she is we need to get her.” Austin said “Yes, but if we just burst in they could trap us and no one would be concerned until at least 1 week since we’re suppose to be on a camping trip.” Joey said “Yeah, so we need to come up with a plan to get her out.”
  7. Danni said “Oh okay. So do you 2 rocket scientist have a plan?” Joey said “Ooh so now I’m a rocket scientist?” She said “Oh shut up, do you have a plan?” Austin said “I kinda have a plan.”
  8. Danni said “Okay. Well what is it?” Austin took a minuet then said “I think she was kidnapped. I saw her footprints with two other people’s footprints next to hers.” Danni said “Continue.” Austin said “I think one of us should try and act natural to scout the place and see if we can find anything. I think there’s a lot of people in there, so whoever took her might just think we’re one of them.”
  9. Joey said “That might work.... Before we decide who goes in, what’s the rest of the plan?” Austin said “If they get caught then the other 2 people should just call the police. We shouldn’t call them yet because we don’t exactly want them involved yet.” Danni said “Yeah that’s a good plan. Now if they don’t get caught, what do we do?” Austin said “If they don’t get caught, then they can just walk around, act causual, and try and find where ______ is. When they find where she is they should come back out here and tell us how to find her. Then we can work on a plan from there.”
  10. Joey and Danni said “I like it.” Then Danni said “Who goes in?” Austin said “Lol I knew you’d be the one to ask that.” Danni said “Well who’s gonna go in?” “I think one of us” Austin said pointing to him and Joey, “should go in.” Danni said “Why not me?” Joey said “Ummm no offense, but you’d probably blow our cover.” Danni sighed and said “Yeah you’re right.”
  11. A moment later she said “Austin, since it was your plan and you probably have the best idea of what you want maybe you should go in.?” Joey said “Yeah I think that’s a good idea.” Austin said “Okay cool, I’ll go in. Here are some walkie talkies so we can contact each other. Remember I’ll contact you. Do NOT contact me.” Danni and Joey said “Okay, got it.”
  12. Joey and Danni watch Austin disappear into the building. A moment later they hear a sound. Danni screams and Joey gets in a position to protect her.
  13. Sorry guys, but I’m stopping now.

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