whats your rapper name?

there are tons of rappers out there and they have some awesome names like tpain, ti, flo rida, and beyonce. youve probably thought over what rapper name you want but what rapper name do you need? which one fits your personality, life style, and personal history?

so are you a tropical beauty rapper, shawty rapper, or fat and curvy rapper? you are going to find out after taking this quiz. and i know you probably arent reading this and its a waste of my time to write it so iajryharnygkrhajyike45ga

Created by: lexi lou

  1. What letter does your name start with?
  2. What is your body shape?
  3. can you sing?
  4. whats your favorite rapper?
  5. your favorite song?
  6. do you like shakira?
  7. are you straight?
  8. whats your diet?
  9. do you listen to country?
  10. where were you born

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Quiz topic: Whats my rapper name?