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  • Whats your 1D Song?
    Your Result: I Wish-UAN
    Yay! Liam Payne is cool! 84%

    Your best guy friend, Liam, loves you but is to scared to tell you because your in love and in a relationship with Harry. Whenever he sings this he thinks of you.

    63% Truly, Deeply, Madly-TMH
    63% Over Again-TMH
    46% Little Things-TMH
    40% Forever Young-XFactor
    23% They Don't Know About Us-TMH

  • Whats your 1D Song?
    Your Result: Over Again-TMH 78%

    You and Harry were dating but then you stopped loving him. Now he tries and tries to get back together with you, but you let him down every time. Your feeling change all the time, you love him, then you hate him.

    56% I Wish-UAN
    55% Forever Young-XFactor
    53% Little Things-TMH
    53% Truly, Deeply, Madly-TMH
    44% They Don't Know About Us-TMH

  • I got Niall my absolute favorite! And it was "little things" I think I just cried omg thank you :')

  • I got Harry. But the description doesn't describe what i would actually do.... Anyway... GREAT QUIZ!!!


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