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  • I tied lion and wolf....

    dogsbuddy Dec 28 '14, 7:42PM
  • you are a horse
    You are a tough kid. You stand tall and defend yourself, but only when it is absolutely necessary. You like to resolve conflict in a peaceful manner, but still have to get it taken care of. You could stand to defend yourself more, but don't let violence solve everything

    Peace my butt! I'm a warrior! Why would I wait to defend myself??????? My animal spirit/daemon is Azura the Tiger! :P

    Sparkspirit May 14 '11, 1:30PM
  • Lion huh?

    Ellis Redding Oct 17 '10, 1:57AM
  • aaaaugh yeah.i got me a wolf

    Blackrosewolf Aug 22 '09, 9:59PM
  • i am not a freakin bunny!!!!!!! >:( ppl always say that s---! i am not a bunny! that is notttttttttttttt true!!!! AND I AM NOT SHY!

    yahchels2 Feb 22 '09, 5:58PM
  • this was a totaly rad quiz. loved it!!!!

    blessin_92 Jan 22 '08, 10:45AM

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