Whats type of relationship are you best for?

Dear Lover Do you ever think about all the wonderful people and things around you in the world? Well I do. Everyday when I get up out of bed I think of you and try to picture your face lying across my bed every night. Just trying to think about what kind of food you like so I can be there to cook it at night make me think of you more. I also wonder what make you cry, sad and mad so that I know what I can do to make better. I know we might fight and have our ways but I just want you to know that I still care for and always will even if you think I�m not right girl for you. And we all know people is going to talk in friends well ask why we have to be so good together and all we do is look at each other and smile in say we don�t know its just that god wanted us to be happy and that�s what we are. My soul is you soul I have the key to you heart and I know you have mine the love that we could share would be the most wonderful and beautiful that people can ever see. I think people could look at as and tell that something came over us. My sweet beautiful lover every time I talk to you it make me realize I been looking for love in all the wrong place and I constantly keep putting myself in that predicament and I didn�t know until I met you. It seems like my soul light up like fire and you�re my fireman and I don�t want to put it out I just tell you let it burn cause it�s burning for you so do you think can be my fireman keep my fire burning for you. I have no doubt that you could be the one I tell all my friends about and I hope I make you feel the same way to or we can be like R.Kelly and keep on the down low just let me know what you want to do. Now that I know that I got you where I want you be and you can you got me to lets just lay here and think for whale fantasias about all the thinks we could do to each other cause you just don�t know how bad I want you.

I know that fairy tales don't happen, That life's not fun and games, But today I wish upon a star, That you would be mine again. We would dance on every planet, Run around the moon, Find our special place, I'd name it after you. I'd hold you every second, Never let you go, My dreams would finally happen, I'd be yours forever. If only this where true, That my wish is becoming real, Then I would be happy, And never frown again.

Created by: amazon

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How many boyfriends have you actually really cared for
  2. What kind of kiss do you fream about
  3. Who would you date
  4. WHats your dream date
  5. DO u like meeting the parents?
  6. Are you emotional when the break up with you?
  7. DO u want to get married?
  8. WHat would u consider yourself?
  9. Do u like someone now?
  10. Sex or Love

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Quiz topic: Whats type of relationship am I best for?