what you should have been named!

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have you ever wondered what you should have been named? Only one way to find out!Yay! also i am exited for this quiz! im not spam now. we are good. im in canada.

this is a quiz of what you should have been named.Please dont expect this to be good!This is my first one!Please be happy of what you got!power in. savvy out.

Created by: savienne

  1. are you usually happy or sad?
  2. are you nice or mean
  3. are you popular or unpopular?
  4. whats your favorite animal?
  5. whats your favorite country?
  6. whats your device?
  7. do you like quizes?
  8. are you cool?
  9. do you like roblox?
  10. do you like gacha games?

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