Athelors and the Wizard's Throne (story)

After the foretelling of the prophecy of the boy who lived and He-who-must-not-be-named... came also the birth of a new prophecy... This prophecy tells about the tale of four girls that each possess the power of the four greatest elements... Water, Air, Earth and Fire... The story of these four witches has already started but unknown to is only real to the 4 authors of the story... It started with an imagination and then came a whole new world only visible if you believe... The four witches do exist and it's up to you to belong or not to belong to this world of... Athelors...

The Quest has started and our witches have now known each other..They feel the connection between them and that will be the start of Athelors and the Wizard's Throne...a new battle since the prophecy of the boy-who-lived and He-who-must-not-be-named...

Created by: Misty101

  1. Sunlight passes through your curtains..waking you up..telling you that something big is gonna happen.. You wake up and says....??
  2. You're in your kitchen table eating breakfast...who are you with??
  3. You look out the window and see a dot getter bigger and realize that it's an open the window and it directly flew in..carrying a letter from Hogwarts...
  4. Now that you've been invited to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and go to the bussiest place in the wizarding world..Diagon Alley..where are you off to first??..
  5. You are now inside a dark, dusty, old store...surrounding you are stocks of wands..different kinds, sizes and colors..the storekeeper shows you four wands...which of the wands did you pick??..
  6. You've now got everything you need...You're ready for Hogwarts.. You waited and waited and're inside the train's cabin along with three other witches... How did you get into the station??
  7. Four girls are sitting inside the train's cabin...four witches..four chosen ones..which of them are you???
  8. Off the girls the start of a new battle between light and darkness...Little do they know what they're heading for...4 girls..4 elements...4 lives that are gonna be changed... Athelors and the Wizard's Throne..the beginning...
  9. What do you think will happen when they arrive at Hogwarts??
  10. Who do think will welcome them on their arrival at the great hall??

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