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  • Alpha female? It's a nice result but... I AM TOTALLY NO LEADER I AM SUPER SHY!!! Sorry just saying

    OmegaWolf9 Oct 29 '12, 4:11AM
  • no offence, but this is one of the worst wolf quizzes ever. i deserve to be an Alpha Female. even my friends,parents,tea chers, etc. agree! i can punch like a friggin' boxer man. my dad taught me to box. my dad got taught boxing by a Golden Gloves in the Navy. i aint gonna tell yall what that is. yall have fingers, use 'em and look it up.

    AnonymousPromise Feb 27 '12, 7:04PM
  • Never mind about the last comment

    Lesli90 Jan 4 '12, 7:58PM
  • Hunter,Its an ok ranking but I am female so I dont get how I would bring back a fukin' elk wihtout injuring myself.

    Lesli90 Jan 4 '12, 7:56PM
  • loner


    archxhunta Mar 24 '11, 6:39PM
  • Omega

    Your the lowest of the low, and one heck of a goof ball. Your the life of a wolf party, and is constantly in trouble. You never amount to much, but, with a good amount of hard work, you might make it in your wolf pack.



    gaby400 Jan 15 '11, 10:04PM
  • Thank You Blobers!! Do you think I should make more of these type of quizzes?? I might make one called "What kind of Wolf Pack Alpha are you?" and see how other people would actually react to being in a high ranking position!

    RoyQuest15 Jan 15 '11, 8:16PM
  • ok if you dont like this quiz ppl u r insain...this quiz iz intirirly true.you CAN trust this guy

    blobers101 Jan 15 '11, 7:53PM

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