What Winx Fairy Are You?

Do You Love Winx CLub? Do You want to know what fairy you are? Well now's your chance to find out! This Quiz is 12 Questions Long! I know.....But it's Worth A Try! :)

What WInx Character Is your Favorite? What Pixie Do You Like? Come And Look For Yourself! And Like Always Thank You! Winx Forever Try out some other winx fun stuff also!

Created by: N&W
  1. If You had a Magical Power What Would it be?
  2. Whats You Personality?
  3. What Pixie Would you like?
  4. Which Things Below Do You Favor the most?
  5. Pick A Color!
  6. I know this quiz is loonnnggg, But! Who's Your Favorite Specailist? (dude)
  7. Which Witch Is Your Least Favorite?
  8. Which Animal Below Do You like?
  9. Almost Done! Choose A Winx Planet Below!
  10. Last Question! Which Fairy Is Your Favorite?

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Quiz topic: What Winx Fairy am I?