How Well Do You Know About Winx Club?

There are many smart people. You can enter this quiz if you want to. What is Winx Club? Winx Club is a type of movie which I think a lot of you have never watch the movie before. If you are a genius, you can have a clever mind and you can create a new world!

Are you smart of a genius? Do you have the power to think carefully and win this tough quiz? You will find out sooner or later but I bet that you can win this type of quiz!

Created by: Britney
  1. Who is the smartest winx club girl?
  2. Who is Bloom's old boyfriend in Gardenia High School?
  3. Who is the last fairy of Earth?
  4. What is Bloom's pixie name?
  5. Who is Bloom's enemy?
  6. In season 2, Bloom like who?
  7. Who is the last winx girls who got her charmix last?
  8. Flora's pixie is Amore.
  9. Mitzi kiss Brandon.
  10. Who is a princess?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know About Winx Club?