Who is your winx character?

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Hello! This is my very first winx quiz so don't blame me if I spelled a word wrong! I hope you will enjoy this and Have fun! Sincerly Flora/Ivypool (from warriors cats)

This quiz is about who you are in winx! If you are NOT a fan of winx please LEAVE! And if you loovvee winx I am welcoming you to this um quiz! Please enjoy! Created by Flora

Created by: Amelia
  1. What is your favourite character
  2. What is your favourite colour?
  3. Who is your favourite boyfriend?
  4. If you get captured you hope....
  5. You like....
  6. In school you would
  7. You like to live in
  8. what is your favourite power?
  9. You love
  10. BYE!!!!!

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Quiz topic: Who is my winx character?