What will your Spirit be like?

You will come back as a spirit when you die. If not, you will be reincarnated as a cucumber. If you have horrible luck, it will be a pickle instead. Take the quiz already!

Take the quiz to find out what your spirit type will be. Before you take the quiz, though, eat a PICKLE or CUCUMBER! They are awesome and boost your IQ score.

Created by: warrior
  1. You see a homeless guy/girl sitting on a sidewalk.
  2. Your best friend falls down.
  3. Your best friend forgot lunch money and won't eat today.
  4. You're shopping and you see a mom with a stroller holding a baby plus two hyperactive toddlers trying to push a shopping cart through a door.
  5. Your little sister wants to go see a movie but can't finish her chores by herself in time.
  6. There is a stray dog that runs up to you as you walk home from school. It looks thin and dirty but is wagging its tail at you.
  7. A kid in your class gets an -F on the spelling test.
  8. Your mom has to go on a business trip for 2 weeks.
  9. You are at a sleep over and your friend wants to sleep but nobody else does.
  10. Your dog wants to go out

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Quiz topic: What will Ir Spirit be like?