what will your child look and be like(girl)

Have you ever wondered what your children will look like? I'ts hard to imagine. The problem is that there is usually no clue in your mind from the minor facts.

But, what if you could know! I'ts hard to. But, this quiz will tell you, at least closly. So now you can get started and wait to see what your future child will look and be like.

Created by: anniefan
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What color is your hair
  2. what color is your eyes
  3. Do you like to be around people
  4. How many kids do you want
  5. What is your favorite school subject
  6. what do you want to teach your kids
  7. do you follow doctor trials
  8. What trait are you going to focus on most
  9. how do you usually do your hair
  10. what color is your skin

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Quiz topic: What will Ir child look and be like(girl)