what will you call your 1st kids etc

People have children and they are all beautiful and unique people, and many people wonder what they should call their first child (or children) and what they will look like.

Here are some guesses on what your children should be named, what there personality will be like and they will look like. This quiz also tells you if you'll have a boy or girl. Enjoy!!

Created by: mia
  1. What colour is your hair?
  2. What colour are your eyes?
  3. What is your favourite colour?
  4. If you had kids, and it was the holidays, where would you take them?
  5. What is your personality? Choose the closest to your personality :)
  6. Do you want to have twins?
  7. Choose a letter (its important) or letters
  8. What would be your ideal pet?
  9. What is your favourite pattern?
  10. What is your favourite subject?

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Quiz topic: What will I call my 1st kids etc