Are You a Child At Heart??

There are many actual children out there who definitely are children at heart. But what is a child? A child is someone who loves them self and can easily brush off a negative comment.

Are YOU a child a heart? Do you always love having fun and goofing off? Until now all you can do is ask yourself. But thanks to me, you will find out for yourself!

Created by: Ruby
  1. Do you like being silly with friends?
  2. Do you like playing with your dog/cat?
  3. Do you go to your friends houses/have them come to yours often?
  4. Are you here just because you are bored?
  5. Do you use words such as "yo" , "bro" or "dude?"
  6. Do you have a good sense of humor?
  7. Are you dirty minded?
  8. Are you having fun doing this quiz
  9. Do you mainly spend your time gaming or outside?
  10. What's your favorite color?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Child At Heart??