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  • 70% snake

    batgirl Feb 3 '14, 8:19PM
  • Your Result: Bird

    Fluff up your feathers and strut your stuff, you were a bird in your past life. Just like in your past life your are a confident bold and vibrant person. You are not afraid to stand up for your self and be vocal in your beliefs and rights. If you are especially bold and colorful and can't shut up you were a parrot. If you are a great listener you were a mocking bird. If you are lazy you are a dodo bird. If you are a scavenger you were a crow or a seagull.

    Unfortu nately I think the only accurate thing in my result was the fact that I'm a great listener...

    LOLcats1388 Nov 13 '13, 6:08PM

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