What were you in your past life?

You were born, you will die, but where did you come from and where will you go? (where did you come from cotton eye joe. JK). I believe in reincarnation. Your soul is a floating energy source that is put in to a living body. When the body dies your soul will go to the next new living body and the cycle will repeat itself.

The real question is what were you in your past life? What makes you like this living creature? You will find out just what and why in this quiz.

Created by: Kathrine
  1. What time era do you feel you belong in?
  2. What is your dominant attribute?
  3. Where do you want live?
  4. When do you feel most awake?
  5. You are very bored. You have a hand full twig, a vine, and a rock. What do you do with it?
  6. Hey there, how are you?
  7. I am going very well. Can you do a favor for me?
  8. Keep this secret
  9. I love you
  10. Will question #4 stop saying why
  11. Do your emotions over ride you sometimes?
  12. If you could travel to one place where would you go?
  13. Last question, think of the work life, what do you see?

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Quiz topic: What were you in my past life?