What did you die from in your past life?

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Some people wonder how did they die in there before life or as some call it past life.This quiz will show you how you died with a few and questions asked.

If you want to know how you died are you brave enough to find out? thanks to this awesome quiz you can find out how you died.Just take a few minutes to take this quiz!

Created by: pancake098
  1. When you are near fire,How does it make you feel?
  2. Can you swim?
  3. Do you love roller coasters?
  4. Pick something that u think of water
  5. Pick something that you think of fire
  6. Pick something that you think of roller coasters
  7. do you like warm winter fires in your home in the chimney?
  8. do u like getting wet?
  9. Will you rate (No affect)
  10. Will you comment (no affect)

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Quiz topic: What did you die from in my past life?