Roller Coaster Quiz

I was searching this web site and found only one good quiz about roller coasters. I thought that it needed more. Are you ready to find out how much you know about coasters?

To know how much of a coaster expert you are I would request that you not use additional resources besides your brain. That's defeating the purpose of the quiz.

Created by: Will

  1. What is the tallest roller coaster in the world?
  2. What is the fastest roller coaster in the world?
  3. Which roller coaster was voted the best in 2011 by Amusement Today?
  4. Which wooden coaster was voted the best in 2011?
  5. What is the only roller coaster that has been ranked in the top 10 Golden Ticket Rankings since they started.
  6. What is the tallest and fastest OPERATING wooden coaster in the world?
  7. What is the steepest coaster in the world?
  8. What coaster contains the world's largest inversion?
  9. What was the only wooden coaster to feature an inversion?
  10. Which coaster contained the first modern vertical loop?
  11. What elements make up a cobra roll?
  12. What is the only park to have 3 coasters ranked in the top 10?
  13. What was the world's first inverted coaster?
  14. What has been voted the best amusement park 14 years in a row?
  15. What was the first hypercoaster?

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