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  • I got a hanging wedgie. My sis forced me to do this. She pulled my underwear and dragged me outside. She made me wear a diaper and then hung me on our fence. She left me there for three hours! Then she came out with an unpeeled banana and bowl of pudding. She told me to shove the banana down the front. I didnt want to, but I knew she would spank me if I didnt so I shoved it down the front. IT FELT AWFUL!!!!! Then she poured pudding down the back. Then she left me hanging for 2 days!

  • I got jock lock wedgie. I just stayed in the wedgie for 3hours until both of my sisters came into my room and saw what I was doing. And decided to hold me down and panste me to give me a double wedgie. They tied me up and gave me a spanking atomic and a jock lock wedgie.

    (They put another pair of panties on me to give me two wedgie)

    • When did you got out of it? Aka they untied you

  • You are a good person no matter what. 0%

    You got no wedgies at all, you must be so happy right now,at least you didn't get a flagpole wedgie, that would've hurt,and I know how it feels because I get those.

    People still get wedgies? lol

  • my result was 71% and it says that I am a good person and deserve a hanging wedgie.

    Stupid Nerd
  • 41%. what wedgie. You are to be spanked. I have to be spanked. How and with what?

  • 0% I get no wedgie. I knew it. :I

  • 8% Yeah No wedgie for me


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