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  • haha lol (Tigerstar part!!!)
    Your Result: Deputy 86%

    You are most likely a Deputy in the warrior cat world. You are appointed by the leader of the clan, and will become leader when the current leader dies. If you become leader, the suffix star is added to your name. As a deputy, you are in charge of organizing patrols and such. To be deputy you must have at least 1 apprentice, unless Starclan sends a sign. (Firestar appointed Brambelclaw because Leafpool had a dream, even though he didnt have an apprentice.) As deputy you must NOT let the power go to your head. (Tigerstar)

  • Medicine cat appreciate,I'd eventually work my way up to being a full out medicine cat sense I try my best to stay motivated and I also wanna be a medicine cat the most out of all the clan jobs. I know it's against code but I do actually want kits though with my mate. Pawsome quiz mate.

    Medacine cat apprentice 87%

    You are most likely a Medicine cat apprentice in the warrior cat world. You may have to take off the ending part of your name. For example: Ravenwing would be Ravenpaw, Berryheart would be Berrypaw, and so on. The reason why you have to do that is because as long as your mentor is living, you cannot be a full medicine cat. But, if your mentor thinks you€re ready, they will give you your full Medacine cat name. You have a mentor, who is the official Medicine cat. Your mentor will teach you all you need to know about healing, and speaking with your warrior ancestors. You cannot have kits. You have to obey the Warrior code as well as the Medicine cat code.

    69% Full medicine cat
    36% Leader
    30% Queen/Father
    29% Deputy
    23% Warrior Apprentice.
    21% Warrior
    18% Elder

  • I've decided to have at least a little comedy in each quiz.


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