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  • Your Result: Sonic

    Fast, hard headed, and stubborn. You do what needs to be done, with no questions asked. You are most likely good with coordination and speed or athletics. And have awesome hair. You are a not a follower and get things done your way.

    Everything true, except the hair! :) Hair advice please??

  • Your Result: Auditore

    Stealthy, deadly, with a love for adventure and killer moves..liturally. You are a loner, but dont mind getting some help to learn a thing or two. You are great at being alone and can manage things by yourself. A true leader

    Sounds just like me. =D

    elf maiden
  • I'm Link! I love the Legend of Zelda series! Buts its a tie between Zelda and Final Fabtasy! Yeah I'm a video game geek. n_n I admit!

  • I am Sonic and the description fits me right and I do have awesome hair!

  • I got Link and its just like me.I woukd consider myself brave and willing to risk my life for others.

    maddy vasquez
  • I'm sonic


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