What U.S. state are you?

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YOU LIKE STATES? DO YOU HAVE A PERSONALITY THAT MIGHT MATCH ONE? If you are from the United States, or if you're just bored, this quiz might excite you!

Well, go on and take the quiz! I used some pretty creative questions that you might not have expected! I hope you have fun; I'll be interested to see the results!!!

Created by: EmraldYE
  1. What's your favorite season?
  2. Where do your ancestors come from?
  3. What habitat would you like to live in?
  4. What sport do you play or what is your favorite out of the following?
  5. From a scale of 1 to 6 (1 being least) how popular are/were you at school?
  6. What is/are one/two word(s) people often describe you as?
  7. What percent democratic/republican are you?
  8. How much do you like people?
  9. Your age? (skip if you want, but nobody's gonna see anyway!)
  10. Choose your favorite.
  11. What is your motto? Last one is mine :)
  12. What is one bad adjective about you?
  13. What state do you live in?

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Quiz topic: What U.S. state am I?