What Type Of Weather Are You?

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There a many,many,many,MANY types of weather,but I only chose 5. Weathers many not seem like they don't have personalities,but they do. Look closer. ;)

Sunny=Crazy and happy Cloudy=Moody and quiet Thunderstorm=Rude and strong Snow=Elegant and loyal Rain=Sad and depressed Which one are you? I think somehow I can relate to all. :)

Created by: Biance

  1. People would describe you as...
  2. What is your style?
  3. (Sorry about the typo in 4) Pick a smiley face
  4. What's your favorite activety?
  5. You make people...
  6. When you hear the word "Punch" what do you think?
  7. Do you tell people jokes alot?
  8. *does rain dance backwards*
  9. Lalalalalalalalala!!!!
  10. Bye!!

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Weather am I?