What weather are you like?

Hey people. there is many talented people out in the world. the weather plays a big part in their lives. etc; umbrella inventors - if it wasnt for rain they wouldnt be as well known :P

are YOU the sun; the weather that many people adore ?? thanks to this amazing quiz, in just a few minutes you can find out. Happy quizzing !! Ermm nothing else to say really except good luck :)

Created by: Emma;x
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you throw tantrums?
  2. Do you treat people how you would like to be treated ?
  3. Do you have any enemies ?
  4. Do you like to sunbathe ?
  5. Do you like to rain dance ? (jump in puddles :p)
  6. have you been to spain ?
  7. have you been to antartica ?? :P
  8. what do you like best (from your point of view?)
  9. What letter does your name begin with ??
  10. where do you live ??

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Quiz topic: What weather am I like?