does he like you? [gilrs only]

you know you want to find out if that one cutie like you. does he talk to you, does he even no u are alive? well take this short quiz to find out weather he does or doesnt.

now just click the button and take the quiz to find out if its really ment to be. im sure you'll like the results.hasnt there ever been a time when you think about him you get thoese little butterlfys. now you can find out weather hes got thoese for you.

Created by: meggan
  1. how often do you guys talk?
  2. how much do you guys have in common?
  3. what do you guys do when you hang out?
  4. does he know alot about you?
  5. do you ever catch him looking at you?
  6. has he every came up to you and talked to you?
  7. did he ever asked you for your number?
  8. has his friends ever tell you he's talked about you?
  9. when you online does he messege you?
  10. has he ever txted you before just out of the blue?

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