Does he like me?

This quiz is for girls only to help find love. There will be comments at the end as to wether or no the does in fact like you, so keep trying! also, this test doesnt need any info about you!

GrrrRRRRRRR!!!! i bet you are getting mad he hasnt asked you out yet?! huh? well hang in there because if you keep talking to him u can soon ask him out and this test will tell you if he says yes or no!

Created by: jackie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Have you caught him staring at you before?
  2. Does he seem to follow you?
  3. Does he try to find an excuse to talk to you?
  4. Are you two good friends?
  5. Does he do things to make you laugh?
  6. Does he tease you?
  7. Do you two have much in common?
  8. does he try to gain your attention?
  9. Does he compliment you?
  10. Has he ever talked about you positively?
  11. Where does he look when you two talk?
  12. Do you like him?
  13. What are you like when he is near?
  14. what is he like when you are near?
  15. are you done with this quiz?

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