What Colour Are You ?

Each colour has it's own persanality, like you or you even you. obviously you want ,to find out what colour you are. It all depends on what answer you click on so dont click on random stuff.

are you up for it are you up for the most basic hardish thing in th world. are you then please continue on the quiz. If you dont want to do the quiz then click the X button or the back button

Created by: bex and chaz

  1. How would you describe yourself?
  2. Choose a Word ?
  3. Whats your favourite name out of these ?
  4. What type of Dog ?
  5. Which place would you love to visit ?
  6. What Crisps Would You Like To Eat ?
  7. What Song Do Like Best ?
  8. Which Jewel ?
  9. How would you react if you were in a plane and it was about to crash?
  10. How would you like a date to go ?

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Quiz topic: What Colour am I ?