What Weather Element Deer Are You?

What weather deer are you? I doubt that question has crossed your mind ever before. Has it now? If so, read on! I have a 14-question detailed-result quiz just waiting for you to take it!

If you now are wondering what weather you are, this is the only quiz there! Oh, and did I mention it's a weather deer? Yes, it is. Take this quiz today and see what weather deer your are!

Created by: Pathbreeze

  1. The first few questions will be scenarios. Choose what you would do.
  2. You find out that your best friend has lied to you! You:
  3. One of your friends have a enemy that is turning against them. Which side do you choose?
  4. You have a multiplication times test that is on 12s. You have to finish all 30 problems in a minute. You:
  5. End of that! How fast are you?
  6. Favorite color?
  7. Are you loyal?
  8. Your main grades? Be honest! No one will know!
  9. Do you like nature and animals?
  10. Favorite season?
  11. Favorite weather?
  12. Hot or cold?

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Quiz topic: What Weather Element Deer am I?