Do You Know About Weather?

Many people know about weather, but some are experts. These people know all the cloud types, how tornadoes form and many others. They are also good weather forecasters even when they're young.

Are you one of them? Find out in this quiz. You might even be smart enough to be a meteorologist! A meteorologist is basically a weather scientist, and I think you might be one of them!

Created by: teeyee808

  1. What is weather?
  2. Name the 4 types of precipitation.
  3. Name the 3 MAIN types of clouds.
  4. What makes a rainbow?
  5. Name the different climates.(if you don't know what is a climate, click IDK.)
  6. What is a "Cumulonimbus" cloud?
  7. TRUE or FALSE? A tornado is a type of cloud. (if FALSE, tell why.)
  8. 2 more questions to go, what is a waterspout?
  9. What does a TOWERING "cumulus" cloud bring/predict?(BTW, the next question is about the same.)
  10. What does an "altostratus" cloud bring/predict?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know About Weather?