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  • Your Result: misunderstood genious 81%

    You are the type of bad guy that always seems to fail at his/her plans, even though hours and hours of revising have proved that you shouldn't have, well, at least they proved to you. You have a great brain and with the right light bulb going off in there you could soon be ruling the world.

    perfectly describes me, rated 10

  • Your Result: mediocre bad-guy

    You are the type of bad guy that not only is always foiled by the superior might and/or wit of the hero, but you also have schemes such as turning the worlds pillows into ducks. Quite a ways to go before you get to a proper villain.

    misunde rstood genious
    Rare villain
    super villain
    it was okay....i give it a 6

  • Misunderstood genius,true I am very weird and lonesome but like it that way. I am very creative and imaginative often but sometimes it can be hard for my plans to succeed but I don't give up easily. Cool quiz anyways mate.


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