What type of U.N.S.C are you?

Sorry I forgot to add ODST. This quiz is to detremon what U.N.S.C soldier class you are. Spartans are geneticly inhanced. Marines are standard soldiers.

If you are a Marine you will usuely use a shotgun or assult rifle. Spartans have twice the strength and intellegence than a marine. Spartans usuely use SMG's or spartan lasers.T

Created by: Dalton Lawson

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you tall?
  2. Are you tall?
  3. What weapon doe you prefure?
  4. What weapon doe you prefure?
  5. Are you strong?
  6. Do you want hole body armor or not?
  7. Do you like gooses or hogs?
  8. Do you jack car or kill the driver?
  9. Can you use a grav hammer?
  10. Are you fast or slow?

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Quiz topic: What type of U.N.S.C am I?