What type of Survivors Dog are you?

Are you a big Survivors fan and were wondering what dog category you fit in?Then this is the right quiz for you.These 11 questions will help you rest assured at night.

The results are 1.Lone dog,like Lucky 2.Leashed dog,like Bella and her gang 3.Wild dog,like Dart 4.Fierce dog,like Blade, and 5.Pack dog like sweet.Hope you get the answer you want.

Created by: Heather Finch

  1. You do you prefer to be with?
  2. What is your personality? Pick the closest one to you.
  3. Where do you live?
  4. What is your favorite color. MOST results will NOT affect the score
  5. What do you eat the most of?
  6. How old are you? Pick the closest one when rounded.
  7. What type of hair do you have?
  8. How loyal or you?
  9. What type of dog Survivors Dog do you think you are
  10. What type of Survivors Dog do you want to be?
  11. Did you enjoy the Quiz. Answer honestly.

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Quiz topic: What type of Survivors Dog am I?