What Type of School Person Are You?

Are You Not Entirely Sure What Type of School Person You Are? A Bully? A Nerd? A Bit of Both... Could You Even Be The Next Albert Einstein? Is Your Bed Time 7 pm. Have You Read Harry Pooter Books And Corrected Every Spelling Mistake?

Lets Find Out Shall We?.. Take This Test And Find Out How Much of a School Person You Really Are!.. You Never Know.. You Could Turn Out To Be A Right Nerd After Your Bully Reign!

Created by: Daniel
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  1. Have You Ever Eaten Lunch With A Knife And Fork And A Napkin At School?
  2. Have You Even Gone Barefoot At School For Any Reason, ie: PE, Punishment etc..
  3. Have You Ever Bullied Any One?
  4. Do You Sit Up Straight At All Times?
  5. Can You Explain E=mc2?
  6. Do You Sit Out OF Sex Education Because You Think It's Morally Wrong?
  7. Which Part of Your Body Do You Hate The Most?
  8. How Many Moons Does Jupiter Have?
  9. Have You Ever Been Tipped Upside Down For Lunch Money?
  10. FINAL QUESTION: Do You Fancy Your Maths Teacher?

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Quiz topic: What Type of School Person am I?